Wednesday, September 26, 2012


 "RNA - DOLLA BILLS" is song off is soon to be release album "Play The Part" which is a next self produce album that is quit amazing, and a breath of fresh air. "Dolla Bills" also gives you just a taste of what to expect but this song most definitely delivers with a explosive burst of swag, flavor, style and originality this is really a crunk, hype club energy song that is so....... enjoyable.    

RNA - When I was younger

So RNA is back from a short brake - after dealing with some personal issues he bring forth a song that's about is childhood and growing up "When I was younger". This is a song that showcase how RNA can take his own horrible experience of mishaps and torment and make something that you can feel, laugh, smile, cry or just say I remember those days, then! "RNA - When I was younger" is the song for you.